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Bids and Specifications
Specifications:   Opening Date:  
  2-Ply Toilet Paper, Toilet Paper Dispensers & Trash Liners November 15, 2018  
  Public Auction of Goods Creteau Technology Center
Rochester School District
Machines can be viewed between 1 and 2 PM
Saturday October 27, 2018
Bid Summaries:


  Comprehensive District Lighting Upgrades April 3, 2018  
  William Allen Roof Replacement April 12, 2018  
  Drivers Training Program April 18, 2018  
  SHS Door Replacement April 19, 2018  
  RMS Door Replacement April 19, 2018  
  Spaulding High School Stage Rigging May, 04, 2018  
  District Wide Internet Service September 12, 2018  
  District Wide Inet (Institutional Network) Service through Dark Fiber September 19, 2018  
Maple Street Magnet School Chair Lift September 6, 2018  
Spaulding High School Auditorium Chair Lift September 6, 2018  
Rochester Middle School Roof Replacement November 1, 2018