In connection with the use of the automobile, driving a car is a privilege granted by the State of New Hampshire as long as one drives in a safe and sane manner.  Careless driving around the school parking area and driveways is something more than an offense against school regulations.  Careless driving is subject to police action and anyone guilty of school careless driving will be reported promptly to the police.


Improper use of a motor vehicle on school grounds can result in suspension from school (in school or out of school) for a period of time not to exceed five (5) days.  Driving a motor vehicle from school grounds during the school day without authorization will be considered improper use of a motor vehicle and will be considered grounds for suspension.


Parking at the school is a privilege granted by the school and the privilege will be withdrawn if it is abused.


Prior to driving or parking on school grounds, students will be required to register motor vehicles in the main office.


If a student leaves the school grounds in a motor vehicle without authorization, parents will be notified and the student will be subject to disciplinary action including suspension from school.


Adoption Date:           April 8, 1993