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150 Wakefield Street - Suite #8
Rochester, New Hampshire 03867
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5 Year Strategic Plan


Our Mission

The Rochester New Hampshire School District provides a personalized experience for all students to be, responsible, and contributing citizens, who can read, write, communicate, problem solve and calculate with clarity. The learning environment includes present day instructional practices, innovative thinking, collaboration with families, lifelong learning for all and a meaningful relationship for all students

Vision Statement

The Rochester School Department is personalizing learning because everyone deserves to be engaged and passionate about their Personalized Learning journey to ensure success.

Our Core Values

  • Every person is unique and has equal worth.
  • Everyone can and will learn.
  • People learn in different ways and at varied paces.
  • Education is the shared responsibility of students, families, teachers, staff, and the community.
  • Quality education expands opportunities throughout a person’s life.
  • Challenging people to meet high expectations leads to exceptional learning and remarkable results.
  • Nurturing relationships and healthy environments are necessary for individuals to thrive.
  • Diversity is a valuable asset that strengthens and enriches our community.
  • Personal development and community well-being depend on individual responsibility.
  • Everyone benefits when people willingly contribute to the well-being of others.
  • Honesty and integrity are essential to build trusting relationships.
  • Access to a quality public education is essential to our democracy.

How we Make Strategy a Habit

Strategic Goals & Objectives

Community Involvement


The Rochester School Department (RSD) is committed to provide meaningful feedback and input opportunities toward district goals and objectives to strengthen stakeholder partnerships.

Chamberlain Street School Open House


The RSD will continue to design and implement a competency-based system of learning that honors individual student goals and dreams, while fostering college and career readiness in an environment that supports social, emotional, and physical well-being.



The district’s personnel committee is devoted to hiring and retaining effective educators who build positive relationships with students, parents, and other staff members.


Special Services

Special Services is committed to providing services and support which enable children to access school programs with high levels of success.


Building / Facilities

The District will continually review the facilities and develop action steps to update and renew facilities when appropriate.


The district’s finance committee is charged with overseeing and supporting the financial affairs related to all other board committees.

Key Performance Indicators

Student Competence & Growth

Personalized learning in all classrooms

Inter-School Readiness Assessments

Integration of Alternative Education opportunities

Quarterly review of Special Education goals


Students using Chromebooks for individualized  learning


parents and staff meeting

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