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Our Vision
To provide the children of Rochester with a world-class telecommunications network to ensure they have the proper tools necessary to be successful in the Information Age!

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Frequently Asked Questions ~ FAQ's

How do I get technical assistance?

  • From a school computer that is on the network, fill out a CIC HELPDESK TICKET. (This link only works on a computer on the school network.)

  • From home or other places that are outside of the school district network, send an email to with your request or query.

How do I get an email account?

  • When you are hired, Human Resources contacts the CIC to request that we make an email account for you. All requests for email accounts must come to us from the Human Resource Department.

  • You will receive and email and or be notified by your principal or supervisor when your email account has been created.

  • Included in your "Welcome" email will be instructions on how to access and use your email account.

  • You will also receive a G Suite for Education which includes an additional email. You will also be notified of this account via your email account which will including links to tutorials.

What should I do if my name has changed?

  • If you have a name change and want to change the username of your email account, you must contact Human Resources to make the change.

How do I get a G Suite for Education account?

  • Yes, when you were hired you are set up with a Rochester Schools Google Apps for Education account.

  • Log on to and to sign into your account.

  • For more information fill out a CIC HELPDESK TICKET

How would I get a phone?

  • Each school building has a limited number of phones. Access to phones is determined by the building principal or your supervisor.

What should I know about the district Computers and Communications Policy Statement?

  • Each school district employee/volunteer needs a signed statement in their personnel file. The original signed statement needs to be forwarded to the SAU's personnel department to be placed in their personnel file. Principals are encouraged to keep copies too.

  • New employees will be required to sign the statement during their in processing at the SAU office.

  • Review the Policy Statement.

How do I get help with IC (Infinite Campus) ?

  • If you have questions or need your password for Infinite Campus reset you must contact your Building IC Coach or

What should I look for when buying a Chromebook?

  • Any Chromebook from such providers as Amazon, Walmart, Staples, Best Buy, etc. will work. Models dependent on your individual preferences. The School district does prefer HP models as they seem to be a little more “hardened” for student use. Touchscreens are very useful, but are more expensive and more sensitive to damage. Warranties vary and good to know what they are for the model you plan to purchase. Purchasing a spare power adapter is helpful too.

What about software and hardware purchases ?

  • All software and hardware purchases must be submitted to the CIC for technical approval.