Tutoring Academy

What is the Rochester Tutoring Academy?

The Rochester Tutoring Academy (RTA) is a program that was created for Rochester School District students. It assists students who have tutoring services indicated in their Individual Education Plans or 504 Plans. Also, the academy provides services for students who cannot attend school because of documented medical reasons.

How do we receive a referral?

A referral for tutoring originates at the school of the individual student. A guidance counselor, member of the special education department, or a designated administrator sets the referral in motion. The referral is sent to the Special Education Coordinator, then to RTA, where the referral is analyzed and the necessary contacts to case managers and parents are made so that the appropriate tutoring can be scheduled.

What are the duties of the RTA staff?

The staff at RTA takes on many roles, depending on the individual being serviced. The most common duties include:

  • Teach courses

  • Utilize a phonics-based reading program

  • Act as liaison between teachers and pupils

  • Help with organization and study skills

  • Review basic math and English skills

  • Assist with homework

  • Grade papers

  • Assist students to gain credits for graduation

  • Teach students with disabilities who are not attending school due to disciplinary reasons

When does tutoring begin?

Once the team has met and determined that tutoring services are required, services are scheduled. Tutoring is offered for a maximum of two hours per day.

How long does a student attend the Tutoring Academy?

The Rochester Tutoring Academy is not a permanent placement for any student. The length of time a student remains depends on the team's decision or the medical professional's recommendation.

Who works at RTA?

The RTA is currently staffed by two New Hampshire certified teachers and a tutoring assistant.
They are:

Robert Desjardins, Coordinating Teacher -  desjardins.r@sau54.org

Jody Welch, Tutoring Assistant - welch.j@sau54.org

Where is RTA located?

The Tutoring Academy is located in the Rochester Community Center, 150 Wakefield Street, Rochester, NH, behind the Spaulding High School.