Hands on Portsmouth Navy Shipyard popup

Students learn about various machine shops at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard at a pop-up technology demonstration provided by the Shipyard at the R.W. Creteau Regional Technology Center. (Courtesy Rochester School District)


Superintendent Kyle Repucci and Director of Career Technology Education Michele Halligan-Foley are pleased to share that students from the R.W. Creteau Technology Center got a hands-on look at 24 different types of careers and technology currently available at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

Students talk to a rigger from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Riggers select, install, and use cables, ropes and other weight-handling gear to lift, move and position heavy loads at the shipyard. (Courtesy Rochester School District)

On Tuesday, Oct. 25, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard’s STEM Engagement Trailer visited the R.W. Creteau Regional Technology Center to provide students with a pop-up style event that provided demonstrations of 24 types of cutting-edge technology and skills that are used in production shops at the shipyard.

Each grade level at the school was assigned a block of time during the school day to participate in the different stations, giving students a chance to check out two dozen different areas that a potential career path could lead them.

Demonstrations included air conditioning and refrigeration, painting and abrasive blasting, crane maintenance, pipefitting, ironworking, welding, machining, machinery maintenance, sheet metal maintenance, electronics, rigging, and more.

Students listen to a Portsmouth Naval Shipyard worker as he explains his role and responsibilities at the shipyard. (Courtesy Rochester School District)

“Spaulding High School is committed to exposing students to a variety of pathways and our partnership with the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard allows students to explore opportunities for direct entry into the workforce after high school,” said Lauren Jerr, Extended Learning Opportunities Coordinator at Spaulding High School. “This event is important because students learn first hand from those in the field what skills are needed now and in the future.”

“I love it when our students are exposed to real-world problems, situations, and opportunities through our curriculum,” said Superintendent Repucci. “Having the Shipyard visit and share potential career opportunities with our students is priceless, and I am so happy we have such a strong partnership with the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.”

About the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Stem Outreach Program:

The mission of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard STEM Outreach Program is to inspire, engage, and educate students in grades K-12 in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and educate students about Navy STEM careers. Shipyard employees serve as volunteers in this program to bring a variety of hands-on activities into our communities throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. To learn more, click here.


A trailer from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard used to transport 24 pop-up demonstrations showing technology and skills at use at the shipyard for students. (Courtesy Rochester School District)

A student learns how riggers assist ship docking operations by laying out and handling docking lines and tackles. (Courtesy Rochester School District)