REACH Rochester Early Education for All Children

The REACH pre-school program is an important part of the Rochester School Department. The pre-school program services Rochester early learners (3 to 5) with many different ability levels. The program is located on the campus of the East Rochester Elementary School, which is on 773 Portland Street.  The Pre-School/REACH program is separate from the ERS building, as we have our own building to meet the needs of our early learners. The philosophy of our program is that All Children Learn, Play, Share and Grow Together allowing all to develop at their own personal pace. Our classrooms are integrated and placement of students is based on classroom openings, and not student ability levels. For More Information click here.

Tutoring Academy

The Rochester Tutoring Academy (RTA) is a program that was created for Rochester School District students. It assists students who have tutoring services indicated in their Individual Education Plans or 504 Plans. Also, the academy provides services for students who cannot attend school because of documented medical reasons. More Information...

The Tutoring Academy is located in the Rochester Community Center, 150 Wakefield Street, Rochester, NH, behind Spaulding High School.

Robert Desjardins, Coordinating Teacher

Jody Welch, Tutoring Assistant