21-22 School Opening Plan image

Per federal regulation, LEA Reopening Plans are due to be reviewed, revised and presented for public input every six months.

“b)(i) During the period of the ARP ESSER award established in section 2001(a) of the ARP Act, an LEA must regularly, but no less frequently than every six months (taking into consideration the timing of significant changes to CDC guidance on reopening schools), review and, as appropriate, revise its plan for the safe return to in-person instruction and continuity of services. (ii) In determining whether revisions are necessary, and in making any revisions, the LEA must seek public input and take such input into account.”

Click the following link 21-22 RSD Opening Plan 10-7-21

To provide feedback, please use the 21-22 RSD Opening Plan 10-7-21 feedback form.