Nadia Belhassad

I chose CTE to help explore what I wanted to do in the future. I hoped taking Graphic Design would allow me to see if it was something I would potentially want to do in my career.

- Nadia Belhassad

Julius Luc

I chose the business program to gain an understanding of the business world and the different aspects of business that could contribute to my future.

- Julius Luc

Student - Jada Kimball

I choose to take HST, because i knew it would prepare me to be ready for college and learning how to go through nursing school.

- Jada Kimball

Student - Emma Richards

My favorite thing about CTE is being surrounded with people who have similar career interests as me.

- Emma Richards

Student - Carter Proulx

I chose CTE to gain a foundation in leadership skills, as well as gain valuable insight into a possible future career.

- Carter Proulx

Student -  Claire Prieto

I would’ve never known how much I liked graphic design or even what graphic design was without the two year CTE program.

- Claire Prieto

Student - Ava Sutton

I chose CTE to further my knowledge in business. I plan to attend college and study something in the business field so these classes set me up for my future college classes.

- Ava Sutton

Student - Jordan Lapian

I chose to take CTE because I was passionate about looking for a class that gives me an opportunity to embrace the creative side of mind and put it out for people to see.

- Jordan Lapian