About the Program...

Engineering students use the computer to design and manufacture real world 3D objects. Learning takes place with hands on projects using new technology such as 3D printers, CNC machines and lasers.

Program Path

  • Optional - Exploratory Class

    • Robotics 140471 (Quarter Class)

  • Year 1

    • Architecture/Mechanical Engineering I (Full Year Course)

  • Year 2

    • Architecture/Mechanical Engineering II (Full Year Course)

Running Start College Credits


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Topics of Study

Architectural/Mechanical Engineering I Topics of Study

  • Explore various fields of engineering such as architectural, civil, mechanical, aerospace, and robotic engineering

  • Learn how to create blueprint plans using AutoCAD and Solidworks software

  • Make 3-D prototypes using the 3-D printer, laser cutter, and CNC machines

  • Problem solving techniques

Architectural/Mechanical Engineering II Topics of Study

  • Expand upon career fields in engineering and begin to pick a specific engineering track to focus on

  • Create more detailed and unique blueprint plans

  • More in depth use of 3-D printer, laser cutter, and CNC machines, and how they relate to real world applications

  • Solving real life problems for real life clients outside of the classroom

  • Develop a digital portfolio for students to aid them in their future career path of engineering

Career Pathways

Career Path

  • CADD Technician

  • Mechanical Technician

  • Architectural Technician

College Path

  • Associate Degree in Architectural Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering

  • Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science in Robotic Engineering

  • Masters in Engineering

College to Career Path

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Architectural Engineer

  • Robotics Engineer

  • Project Engineer

Meet the Educator

Mr. Jason Eberl


  • Architectural/Mechanical Engineering Instructor since 2014.

  • Previously taught Woodworking, Metalworking, Photography, Graphic Design, and Drafting starting 2005 in Rochester

  • Previous Instructor at GBCC ATEC Center for Blueprint Reading

  • Previous Instructor at Turbocam Training center for Mathematics for Machinists


  • Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design, Edinboro University

  • Certified Teacher from Edinboro University

Other Interests

  • Avid outdoorsman - enjoys Fishing, Hunting, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Hiking, and camping.

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