About the Program...

The digital photography and video arts program teaches students the basics of using a digital camera, composition, exposure, focus and lighting to help prepare them for an introductory career as a photographer, videographer, or to further pursue the arts in college. Students also learn Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to edit images and Adobe Premiere Pro to edit audio and video.

Program Path

  • Optional - Exploratory Class

    • Introduction to Photography & Video (Quarter Class)

  • Year 1

    • Digital Photography & Video Production Technology I (Full Year Course)

  • Year 2

    • Digital Photography & Video Production Technology II (Full Year Course)

Topics of Study

Digital Photography & Video Production Technology I &II Topics of Study

  • Digital Photography

  • Lighting

  • Sound Production

  • Composition

  • Digital Editing

  • Video Production & Editing

Career Pathways

Career Path

  • Photographer (portrait, scenic, aerial, industrial, forensic, military)

  • Videographer

College Path

  • Associate's Degree in Digital Video Production

  • Bachelor of Arts in Photography

  • Bachelor of Arts in Video/Film Production

  • Master’s Degree in Photography

College to Career Path

  • Art Director

  • Video Editor

  • Camera Editor/Operator

  • Production Assistant

  • Video, TV or Film Producer

  • Digital Imaging Editor

Meet the Educator

Mr. Alex Comeau


Alex is an artist from Rochester, NH; their primary medium is fine art photography. They experiment with many formats, most prominently 35-mm photography. They blend their photography with other art forms to create mixed media pieces. Alex loves the immediacy of photography as a means of capturing moments and keeping a record of them. Still, they also enjoy pushing the boundaries of the medium to find innovative new ways of expressing their identity. Through their artwork, they explore themes of love, connection, and difference – creating a visual language that is both beautiful and thought-provoking.


Alex has studied at Great Bay Community College, Maine College of Art and has taken community classes at Lillstreet Community art center in Chicago.

Other Interests

Whether through vibrant colors, intricate details, or bold brushstrokes, Alex's artistic vision ignites curiosity and invites viewers to embark on a visual and emotional journey. As an artist, they strive to provoke meaningful conversations and elicit profound emotions, leaving a lasting impact on anyone who encounters their artwork.


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