About the Program...

Environmental science and sustainable studies has a strong project based learning component and focuses not only on the concepts but also on the skills required to successfully pursue a career within science. It requires students to integrate what they have learned in previous courses and apply it to problems that range from local to global scale.

Program Path

  • Year 1

    • Fall Semester - Environmental Science I

    • Spring Semester - Environmental Science II


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Topics of Study

Environmental Science I Topics of Study

  • Water sheds

  • Rivers and streams

  • Forestry and carbon cycle

  • Environmental Economics

  • Climate change

  • Environmental health (toxins and pollutions)

  • Aquaculture and hydroponics

Environmental Science II Topics of Study

  • Waste management (recycling and handling waste)

  • Energy

  • Mining

  • Biodiversity (diversity and protection within an ecosystem)

  • Urbanization

  • Aquaculture and hydroponics continued

Career Pathways

Career Path

  • Field Technician

  • Green Construction Scheduler

  • Hazardous Waste Technician

  • Water Treatment Technician

College Path

  • Bachelor's in Environmental Science

  • Bachelor's in Microbiology

  • Bachelor's in Geoscience

  • Bachelor's in Earth Science

College to Career Path

  • Environmental Scientist/Specialist

  • Environmental Engineer

  • Conservation Manager

  • GIS Specialist

  • Geologist

Meet the Educator

Mr. Darren Scopel


  • Aquatic Biologist

  • Environmental Consultant

  • Marine Scientist


  • University of Pittsburgh B.S. Ecology and Evolution

  • University of New Hampshire - Ph.D. dissertation - Zoology

Other Interests

  • Coaching sports, astronomy, curling, skiing, hiking

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