(Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship)

About the Program...

Students will have an opportunity to learn the basics of business and management in this program as well as taking courses in three different pathways: management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Students are able to network with other students in NH and learn leadership skills in FBLA. Real world experience opportunity in the retail learning lab, OuR Store.

Program Path

  • Year 1:

    • Introduction to Business

    • Business Management 

  • Year 2 (Pick a Path):

    • Management: Busines Communications & International Business

    • Marketing: Marketing & Advertising 

    • Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship & Accounting 

  • Year 3: Choose a second or third year 2 path

Running Start College Credits

  • Great Bay Community College - BUS 110 Intro to Business (3 Credits)

  • Great Bay Community College - BUS 114 Management (3 Credits)

  • Great Bay Community College - MKTG 125 Principles of Marketing (3 Credits)

  • Great Bay Community College - BUS 209 Principles of Global Business(3 Credits)

  • Great Bay Community College - GBCC 205 Small Business Management (3 Credits)

  • Great Bay Community College - GBCC ECON 225 Personal Finance (3 Credits)

  • Explore More Running Start College Credit Courses offered at Spaulding High School


  • HubSpot: Sales Enablement, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing

Topics of Study

Introduction to Business Topics of Study

  • Conducting business in the global economy

  • Starting and organizing a business

  • Managing a business

  • Managing employees

  • Developing marketing strategies to satisfy customers

  • Managing accounting and financial resources

Business Communications Topics of Study

  • Recognize effective communication in the workplace

  • Interpret body language

  • Use positive body language to build confidence

  • Compare and contrast media for different situatiosn

  • Build effective business presentations


  • The World of Marketing

  • Business & Society

  • Skills for Marketing

  • Selling, promotion, distribution and selling

  • Marketing Information Management

  • Product & Service Management

Entrepreneurship Topics of Study

  • Small business and the law

  • Economics and managing small business

  • Government and the small business relationship

  • Entrepreneurial finance

Business Management Topics of Study

  • Planning and decision making

  • Managing human resources and communication

  • Motivating and leading

  • Group dynamics and teamwork

  • Strategic management and planning for long-term success

  • Organizational control process

International Business Topics of Study

  • The global business environment

  • The national business environments

  • International trade and investment

  • The international financial systems

  • International business management

Advertising Topics of Study

  • Advertisements

  • Careers in advertising, promotions and marketing

  • Technical skills

  • Principles of selling

  • Developing a promotional plan

Accounting Topics of Study

  • Debits and credits

  • T-Charts

  • Journalizing and positing transactions

Career Pathways

Career Path

  • Bill Collector

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Insurance Clerk

  • Retail Sales Agent

  • Customer Service Representative

College Path

  • Bachelor's in Business Administration

  • Bachelor's in Marketing

  • Bachelor's in Economics

  • Bachelor's in Finance

  • Bachelor's in Entrepreneurship

  • Bachelor's in Human Resource Management

  • Bachelor's in International Business

  • Masters in Business Administration

College to Career Path

  • Business Consultant

  • Business Owner

  • Financial Analyst

  • Healthcare Administrator

  • HR Director

  • Assistant Manager

  • Sales Agent/Manager

  • Corporate Executive

Meet the Educators

Mrs. Leah Taylor


  • 23 Years of experience in the Banking & Financial Supports Services industry, teaching since 2006


  • Bachelor of Science in Social Media and Digital Marketing, Southern New Hampshire University, 2018

  • Master of Organizational Leadership, Southern New Hampshire University, current

  • Alt 4 Teacher Certification in Accounting/Finance

  • Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC), Credit Union National Association

Other Interests

  • Spending time with my four children and five cats! I also enjoy art, designing videos, and any place by the water.


  • 6 Years teaching experience in Business, Banking, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, Management, Career Readiness, CTE and more!


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Southern New Hampshire University 2010

  • Masters of Business Administration, Southern New Hampshire University 2015

  • Alt 4 Teacher Certification in Comprehensive Business Education

Other Interests

  • Spending time with family and friends, reading, hiking, visiting the beach.

Ms. Angela Lattime

Ms. Angela Lattime

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