About the Program...

Students who complete the criminal justice program will have learned how law enforcement agencies, courts, and corrections interact with each other to form the Criminal Justice System (CJS). They will understand how laws affect the CJS and also the procedures within criminal law and juvenile justice.

Program Path

  • Year 1

    • Fall Semester - Intro to Criminal Justice

    • Spring Semester - Criminology

  • Year 2

    • Fall Semester - Criminal Law & Procedures

    • Spring Semester Juvenile Justice

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Topics of Study

Intro to Criminal Justice Topics of Study

  • The Criminal Justice System

    • Criminal Justice Today

    • Offenders and Victims

    • Inside Criminal Law

  • The Police and Law Enforcement

    • Law Enforcement Today

    • Problems and Solutions in Modern Policing

    • Police and the Constitution

  • Criminal Courts

    • Courts and the Quest for Justice

    • Pretrial Procedures

    • The Criminal Trial

    • Punishment and Sentencing

  • Corrections

    • Probation and Parole

    • Prisons and Jails

    • The Prison Experience

Criminal Law & Procedures Topics of Study

  • Criminal Law

    • The Court System

    • Probable Cause and Reasonable Suspicion

    • The Exclusionary Rule

    • Searches and Seizures

    • Confessions and Admissions

    • Constitutional Rights

    • Legal Liabilities of Law Enforcement Officers

  • Criminal Procedure

    • Fingerprinting 10 Card

    • Latent Fingerprinting

    • Crime Scene Mapping

    • Crime Scene Photography

    • Blood Spatter Analysis

    • Shoe Impressions

    • Affidavits and Reports

Criminology Topics of Study

  • Concepts of Crime, Law, and Criminology

    • Crime and Criminology

    • The Nature and Extent of Crime

    • Victims and Victimization

  • Theories of Crime Causation

    • Rational Choice Theory

    • Trait Theory

    • Social Structure Theory

    • Social Process Theory

  • Crime Typologies

    • Violent Crime

    • Political Crime and Terrorism

    • Economic Crimes

    • Public Order Crimes

    • Crimes of the New Millennium

Juvenile Justice Topics of Study

  • Concepts and Theories of Delinquency

    • Childhood and Delinquency

    • The Nature and Extent of Delinquency

    • Individual Views of Delinquency

    • Sociological Views of Delinquency

    • Developmental Views of Delinquency

  • Social and Developmental Influences on Delinquency

    • Gender

    • The Family

    • Peers

    • Schools

    • Drug Use

    • Delinquency Prevention

  • Juvenile Justice System

    • Police Work with Juveniles

    • Juvenile Court Process

    • Juvenile Corrections

Career Pathways

Career Path

  • Correction/Detention Officer

  • Loss Prevention Specialist

  • Police Dispatcher

  • Police Officer

College Path

  • Bachelor's in Criminology

  • Bachelor's in Forensic Science

  • Bachelor's in Police Science

  • Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

  • Bachelor's in Criminal Psychology

College to Career Path

  • Police Patrol Officer

  • Criminal Investigator

  • U.S. Marshal

  • Behavior Specialist

  • Forensic Scientist

  • Criminal Psychologist

  • Paralegal

Meet the Educator

Mr. Jay Keough


  • 21 years as an Air Force Police Officer


  • Bachelor’s in Psychology from SNHU

  • Currently pursuing a Masters in Educational Leadership through UNE

Other Interests

  • I like to play golf, hockey, ski, and travel.

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