Social Studies Department

Social Studies is an academic discipline which studies contemporary life and problems that students will experience later in life. Implicit in the definition of social studies is the concept of citizenship. In this rapidly changing world, a proper balance must be achieved between social stability and social change. If students are to continue our democratic cultural heritage, they must be prepared to act as adults with initiative, independence and a willingness to accept responsibilities. Students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate competency in the political processes, relationships with government and relationships between individuals and groups in a democratic society. Students will understand the unique ways in which American government has evolved. Through inquiry, students identify problems, such as the relationship between humans and the environment. Today there is growing emphasis on ecology and a more geographical approach to social studies than there was in the past. While the acquisition of knowledge is important in the social studies curriculum, the use of knowledge and how to apply it to new situations and problems is a critical goal for students in these courses.

Courses included in the Social Studies Department are:

  • Civics in NH and the Nation: Growing up Granite

  • Contemporary Problems

  • Current Issues

  • Economics

  • Exploring Cultures

  • Global Studies

  • Historical Fiction

  • History of The American Presidents

  • Justice Studies and Mock Trial

  • Micro & Macro Economics

  • Modern World History

  • North American Indian Studies

  • Philosophy

  • Psychology/Sociology

  • Sports and American Society

  • Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

  • US History