Student Registration

When all of the necessary documentation is received by the counseling secretary, an appointment will be made with the appropriate school counselor with whom the student's schedule will be generated. The new student will begin classes no sooner than the following day.

Contact Information:
Krista Brown, Counseling Secretary
603-332-0757 ext. *2118
Fax: 603-335-7377

Please be advised that the following documents MUST be completed and/or received by the Counseling Secretary BEFORE your student’s schedule is generated:


1.     Completed Student Registration Packet
2.     Record Release Form (in registration packet)
3.     Birth Certificate
4.     Immunization Records
5.     Proof of Residency required (per School Board Policy)
Please fill out Residency Form
6.     Proof of guardianship or court paperwork
7.     Individual Education Plan (IEP or 504 plan) *If qualified

No pictures of documents permitted. All forms can be scanned and emailed. Staff can make photocopies of original documents, if needed.