Summer School

Deadline to register is Friday, June 30, 2023. Due to the limited staff and extensive prep work that is required, this deadline is firm.

Contact Information:
Erin K. Saucier
Summer School Director

Information & Dates to Remember:

  • There is no cost for summer school.

  • To register, students should fill out the online registration form.

  • Summer school runs from July 10th- August 3rd, Monday-Thursday each week.

  • Sessions run from 8:00-10:30am and 10:30-1:00pm. Some students may need to attend both sessions if they are recovering multiple classes or need more time to complete a course.

  •  Further information about times will be provided to students via email before summer school begins.

Students are required to attend all days at their scheduled time until they have completed their course(s) and earned credit.

Courses Offered

  • English 1-4

  • Pre-Algebra, Algebra A, Algebra B, Algebra 2 & Geometry

  • Physical Science, Biology & Chemistry

  • Civics, Economics, Global Studies & US History

  • other courses as requested/available


  • Summer school is open to students who need to recover credits or complete course competencies.

  • Students may register for up to two core courses in which a student must have earned an NYC or IWS.  

  • All summer school registrations will be reviewed by the director and, if needed, school counselor to determine appropriate placement.

  • Please note that summer school is 16 days.  Attendance is required, so please plan vacations/absences around this commitment.

We Need You!

  •  Motivate your student to enroll. What are your student’s goals for the future? Discuss the ways that summer school will help them meet these goals.

  • Ensure attendance and punctuality. You know your child. Some high school students still need you as the alarm clock, while others will do fine without it. Thank you for doing everything you can to keep your child’s goals alive through discussions, and drawing the connections between attendance, punctuality, hard work, and achievement.